to my website 'RainbowLightEssence.org'!

This is Irine Chiu's business and it is named 'Rainbow-Works'.
This is a professional 'spiritual-work' business practice.
Copyright  © 2004-2014  Irine Chiu-- All Rights Reserved.
Hi, I am Irine, please do call me 'Irinie'!  Yes, 'Irinie', Thank You!

Since I am an intuitive consultant,
my main work is Intuitive Consultations -
I do / facilitate Angelic Guidance Readings
and Mediumship Readings.

I am also a Reconnective Healing Practitioner who facilitates Reconnective Healing Sessions (R) and The Reconnection (R).

I also teach classes on spiritual development, which means learnng and integrating spiritual knowledge into your daily life to attain and maintain inner peace and inner self spiritual fulfillment.

So in other words, this is a spiritual work practice to assist you in 'Lighting Up Your True Essence' to improve the quality of your life!

Thank you for allowing me be a part of your life journey!